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Saturday, December 19, 2015

How to potty train a toddler

When you become a Mom, everything changes the way you do things. Your focus is all centered on your child. Every mom can second that and every mom do that unconditionally even when the child grows up. Raising children is not an easy task and there comes many situations in the life of mother which tests her  patience, strength and thinking. One such important situation is to potty train the child. Seriously?? No one can guess how difficult this process can be unless has gone through this process. I cant imagine how my mother had done that for three children.  
But one thing that I learnt being a mother is every day is a new experience, every day will teach something to you when you raise a child. Howsoever difficult a situation may be, a mother can pass through any such situation because of her love for her child. Through this post,I want to help and ease this process of Potty training for child as well as the mother.

  1. When To Start- Many parents remain confused on when to start the process of potty training because they get all sort of advice from friends, family and sometimes unknown strangers too. My advice is as a parent you know your child best, don't listen to what other says. Pay attention to the signs your child gives you regarding potty training, you will learn from the child's behavior if he is ready for potty training or not. Remember each child is different but the general range to start potty training is 18-24 months.
  2. Communication about the process- A child's mind is like clay, you can mold it that way you can. They are curious and wants to know why they should do a particular thing, why it is necessary? why cant they pee anywhere else? etc. Be prepare to patiently answer lots of questions. Some kids may not ask questions at all but still you should explain why potty training is important. Always talk and explain about any new thing you want the child to do. This helps the child in better understanding of the task and he will be more willing to do it. 
  3. How to potty train- Before the actually starting the potty training, you can start showing your child how you sit on the toilet seat when you have to go and show them how they can sit on the toilet seat. It will help them in correlating sitting on the potty seat when they have to go potty or pee.

  • Make the potty process Fun and interesting- With my teaching experience, the one most important thing I learnt about children is that they love to learn fun and interesting things. If we associate potty training with a story, they will grasp it better. You can download a free Potty Training Guide to learn about Diddit and how he became Potty hero. You can also download a bathroom chart from the above link which you can paste on the bathroom wall and every time your child successfully completes the four steps, have them fill in the corresponding circle. Also, reward your child the first time he masters the bathroom time with positive words and a "I Did It" Certificate. Keep on rewarding your child with encouraging words or things until he becomes independent potty master.
  • The Four Steps- Potty training involves four important steps namely, doing, wiping, Flushing and washing. Show your child how to do these steps number of times until he learns them. Explain the significance of each step. 
Disclaimer: I haven't been paid to write this post. However I did receive free samples/products from Nehemiah Manufacturing Company. All opinions are honest and my own.