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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Review: Formula X System XCEL #Systemaddict

As a mom of an active toddler, I rarely get time to go for a manicure at salon. Whenever, I get time from daily chores, I do my own mani at home. But how, I always wished to do the salon like mani at home. my wishes were answered by Influenster when they sent me Formula X Voxbox.

The box contained Formula X The SYSTEM XCEL mani and Formula X Delete All nail polish remover.

Formula X The System XCEL

 The System XCEL includes four steps to get the gel like mani.

  1. The first step is CLEANSE XCEL - Its a nail cleanser which cleanse the nails and gives a clean slate for the next step.

2. Second step is PRIME XCEL- Its a base coat. The brush is wide and is very nice and makes application a breeze. It dries quickly and gives nails a clean, transparent shining.

3. TGIF Nail Color- The color that I received in this system XCEL is TGIF which is a pretty, coral-pinkish. The color takes two coats for opaque application. I wish the brush of this nail color would be as wide as brushes of base coat and top coat. Otherwise, its a beautiful summer color.

This is how, it looks on my hands:

4. SHINE XCEL- This is the fourth and last step. Its a transparent top coat, very easy to apply with the help of nice brush. After applying it, the nail color really shines like gel-like manicure.

Usually, my nail polish starts to chip on the2nd day of application because I do dishes with my bare hands. But, Formula X nail polish stood very well on my nails. It chipped a little on day 4th. I would say that is the long wear nail polish for me.


Besides the Mani system, I received the Formula X Delete All Nail polish remover in the voxbox. 

This is a unique nail polish remover which doesn't involves scraping the nail polish. It consists of black sponge with solvent in it. Its an easy one step process. You just dip your four fingers and a thumb into the five holes inside the black sponge material. Twist and turn your fingers and it will remove your nail polish in no time. Isn't this amazing??

My experience of using Formula X System XCEL and Delete All was one of a kind. I loved using it. I am going to buy more colors soon. Its available at Sephora Friends.

Disclaimer: I have received these products complimentary from Influenster to test and review. All opinions are honest, my own and based on my experience. 

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Influenster Goddess Voxbox Review

Influenster has been very good to me lately. I have received a new voxbox this month and its name is Goddess VoxBox. Why it is called a Goddess Voxbox?? I guess, because it has all the products that can make you look and feel like Goddess.
When I opened my VoxBox, I was quite impressed with the choice of products. This is what I like about Influenster, they always give us a chance to try something new and innovative. 

Contents of the VoxBox

1. Ebates Information Card:
I was already familiar with Ebates, because I have been its member since two years. Trust me, If you like to shop online and havent signed up for Ebates, you are missing a lot. This is because Ebates is a site that offers cashback on online purchases from number of online retailers. Moreover, it also offers online discounts/coupons.The sign up is free, and the site is very easy to use. Whenever you make an online purchase, open the ebates website, search the store name you are going to shop from, it will also show you the discounts/coupons available for that retailer, click on the store name and your purcahse activity will be recorded. If your purchase is a success, the cashback will show up on your Ebates account. You can request a cheque/paypal  for your cashback payment. I love using them for my online purchases.

2. PANTENE EXPERT Intense Hydration Shampoo & Conditioner- 
In summer time, my hairs gets damaged due to swimming pool water as well as high heat. When I used Pantene Expert Intense Hydration Shampoo along with conditioner, I really felt the difference in my hairs. My hairs felt soft and not dry. It smells amazing, lathers very well and makes my hairs feel good.

3. DICKINSON's Enhanced Witch Hazel Hydrating Toner-
This was a completely new brand for me. Never heard of it before, so, I want sure about it. I used it for my morning as well as night time beauty routine. This smells really different but nice. I applied it over my face with the help of cotton ball. It doesn't tingle. My face looked very clean and hydrated, after using it. I instantly fell in love with this toner. It cleans the face and refines the pores too. My face looks much better after using it. Moreover, Its alcohol free.It is made up of Witch Hazel, which is really good for skin.

4. Sinful Colors Professional Nail Polish:
I am already a fan of Sinful colors professional brand nail polishes. They are fast drying, non chipping and pigmented. This is also not an exception. This color is from limited edition Sinful Colors & Kylie Jenner Collection: Trend Matters. This is Glazy sunday color from Satin Demi Mattes shades. The color is really chic, rich and matte. The full collection is available at Target. 

I really liked this color as it suits the dark tone of my skin color.

5. Always Radiant with FlexForm:
There was One pack of 15 always radiant with flex form sanitary pads in the voxbox. The packaging was really cute. It says that its 100% leak free and absorbs 10X its weight. I haven't tried them yet. But they look really good, I am going to try them and share my full review on a seperate blog post. So, stay tuned.

6. Downy Fresh protect with In-wash Febreze Odor Defense: 
I had received 3 sample packs of it in the voxbox. 
This is the first time I have used Downy brand and I am impressed with it. I added it directly to the laundry while in wash cycle. It is truly a deodorant for clothes. My hubby's sweaty clothes smelled so great after using it. The April Fresh scent is amazing. I am going to buy the full size of it. 

7. Cutex Advanced Revival Nail Polish Remover pads:
I have already tried these in my previous Influenster voxbox. I love to keep them in my handbag while travelling. One Cutex pad is enough to clean 10 nails of hand/foot. Trust me, this product is a bomb, If you dont believe it then, scroll back few posts of my blog, and you can read my full review on them or watch them in action on my video  . These are TSA compliant and my go to plosih remover. 

Have you tried any of these products before, what do you think of them? Do let me know in comments.

Thanks for reading

Disclaimer: I received these products complimentary from Influenster to test and review. All opinions are honest and my own. 

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Review: Cutex Advanced Revival Nail Polish Remover Pads #SoCutex #HealthyNails

I have always used liquid nail polish remover to clean nail polish off my nails. And never ever gave a thought that Nail polish remover pads. Recently, when I received my bloom voxbox from Influenster, I got the chance to try Cutex Advanced revival nail polish remover pads. 

One small pack contains 3 pads which are individually packed. I decided to put them to test.

I took one pad out and start to remove the nail polish on my toe nails. I was really surprised to see that One pad cleaned all 10 nails. Can you believe it? Check out my video to see it through your eyes.

 I was in a shock too, I underestimated the power of Cutex Nail polish remover pads. But, now, I am in love with this amazing product.

Another that I liked about these pads is that they dont leave nails dry after use. My nails were feeling good after its use, as, it has Botanical oils which nourishes as well as strengthens. 

Moreover, These are TSA approved. I can carry them in my handbag while travelling. This is my must have beauty product now.

Have you tried it? what do you think about it, let me know in comments.

Thanks for Reading.

Disclaimer: I have written this blog post for completing the Cutex Badge of Bloom Voxbox from Influenster. I have received the product complimentary from Influenster to test and review. I WAS NOT COMPENSATED FOR THIS POST; HOWEVER, I AM CREATING THIS POST AS PART OF A CONTEST .

Friday, June 3, 2016

Influenster #BloomVoxbox

Whenever, I go out for a walk and see blooming flowers, it fills my heart with so much joy. This is summer, with heat index rising up, the blooming flowers seems like cool breeze to me. What else makes me happy?? Its to receive a new Influenster voxbox. 

This box is called as Bloom VoxBox and you must have guessed the reason why! This is how my opened voxbox looks!

1. NUXE Huile Prodigieuse : NUXE HUile Prodigieuse is a multipurpose dry oil with a light scent. It has botanical oils and Vitamin E. I liked that it gets quickly absorbed and can be used over face, body as well as hair. It really makes skin soft and moisturizes very well. It's ideal for my purse. 

2. Secret OUTLAST Xtend: I received the sample size of Secret Outast Xtend in my voxbox. I found the fragrance of this deodorant almost like other Secret deodorants. I takes it with me while I go to gym, the stick doesn't leaves white residue on underarms. It blocks the sweat odor very effectively.

3. Sinful Colors BLING IT ON Nail Polish: SinfulColors nail polishes are affordable and of long wear quality. The color that I received is from Kylie Jenner's latest collecion: Denim & Bling. The color is light and dark blue with shimmer and glitter. I loved this color

The Denim & Bling collection has 20 Matte Denims, holographic glitters and angel shimmers. They are now available at Walgreens. 

4. Sunbelt BAKERY granola Bar: I received the Sunbelt Bakery Oats & honey chewy granola bar in the box. I loved that these granola bars has fresh bakery taste and has no added preservatives. 

5. Cutex Advanced Revival Nail Polish Remover pads: I really liked the cute and tiny packaging of Cutex advanced revival nail polish remover pads. These are my favorite travel companion as they are easy to carry in bag and TSA compliant. They remove nail polish very effectively. 

6. NOT YOUR MOTHER'S Plump For Joy Thickening Hair Lifter: I have thin hairs and sometimes I really feel the need to add volume to my hairs for a special occasion. The Plump for Joy thickening hair lifter is known to bring life to thin hairs It has salon like quality. I will try it and share my review on my youtube channel. So stay tuned! 

Let me know, your thoughts about my review in the comments.

Thanks for reading..

Disclaimer : "I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes."

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Review: Quaker Breakfast Flats #Quakerflats

It is one of the smallest voxbox from Influenster but I bet delicious one. I received one sample pack of Quaker Breakfast flats in Cranberry Almond flavor. 

These are marketed as easy snack for breakfast but I tell you, you can eat them anytime. I decided  to try mine after my toddler too a nap and I was exhausted with all the household chores. You can see my rough handling, it broke the bars. Anyway. I made a cup of piping hot Indian tea to go with these bars.

The packaging is convenient.These are very lightweight bars, the size of individual bar is as thin and slim as a cracker.

I start eating and I bet, you cant stop eating them. They will finish up so fast. They tastes sweet, crunchy with a taste of tart cranberries and almonds. They satisfies the hunger but wont feel heavy after you eat the them. I would say, they are good as light breakfast snack.

They are easy to carry in handbag, diaper bag of office bag. You can eat them anytime, when you feel hungry and want a light snack. Moreover, it doesn't have artificial colors and flavors in it. 

These breakfast bars are available in Target stores as well as ONLINE

I am going to try the other two flavors of Quaker breakfast flats too i.e  Banana honey nut and Golden Cinnamon raisin 

Have you tried breakfast flats yet? Whats your opinion, tell me in comments below. I love to hear from my readers. 


Disclaimer I received this product complimentary from Influenster to test and review. However. all opinions are 100% honest and my own

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Slimfast VoxBox Review

Its been two years since, I gave birth to my beautiful daughter but I am still struggling to get back in shape. I have been doing yoga, walking here and there but its not working. I tried to contemplate the reason for it and came up to the conclusion that although I am exercising but m not controlling what I eat. 
The Slimfast voxbox from Influenster just came in time. This made my losing weight goal more stronger. 

It came with Slimfast Advanced Nutrition meal replacement shake and bar. 

1. Slimfast Advanced Nutrition meal replacement shake-

As per the ingredients list, the 11FL OZ bottle It has 20g protein, 1g sugar, 5g Fiber, 24 vitamins & minerals with antioxidants. The flavor was vanilla cream.

I was really skeptical about the medicine like smell that usually comes from these kind of protein shakes but to my surprise there was no such odor to this shake. It was a fruity aroma of vanilla. 

I took few sips to taste it, and it taste like a normal vanilla shake minus sugar.It tastes little sweet and not bitter. I cant drink a protein shake that bitter in taste, so, this shake scored its points on taste. It controls your hunger for few hours and thats the way this meal plan works. But I am sure, one has to do exercise also along with this meal plan to lose weight.

2. Slimfast Advanced Nutrition Meal Replacement Bar-

One Slimfast Advanced Nutrition Bar has 10g Protein, 5g Fiber plus 18 vitamins & minerals. I got it in Dark chocolate sea salt flavor. 

When I took a bite from it, It tastes just like any other bar but minus less sweetness. The sweetness is just right with the chocolate on the bottom, neither too much nor completely sugarless. The texture of bar is crunchy with the taste of oats and almond. 

I can eat this bar everyday. And why not, if it will help in losing weight too. That will be a win-win situation. 
 I have very much made up my mind, to go ahead with Slimfast Advanced Nutrition meal replacement shake & bar along with a regular exercise plan. 

To know more about Slimfast products and How it works, Go Here

Have you tried any of Slimfast products yet? Let me know, your comments on them.

Disclaimer:  "I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes."

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Review: Maybelline Superstay Better Skin Foundation #BetterSkinChallenge

Its a been a while since I got an Influenster voxbox. The latest voxbox that I received came with Maybelline superstay Better skin skin transforming foundation. As per the voxbox requirements, you take a 3 weeks Better skin challenge in which you only wear this foundation on your face. I love Maybelline products, so, you can imagine my happiness meter when I got this.

It is a glass bottle of 30ml/10 FL OZ which is a pretty decent size for a foundation because I use 1 to 2 drops of foundation liquid at a time. The dispenser for pouring out the liquid is really makes it convenient to use and control the amount you want. Furthermore, it also protects the liquid from falling out. 

This foundation comes in 12 shades and I received the color sand. I have yellow undertone and as you can see the swatch on my hand, its lighter than my skin shade. But, I want to try it to see how it looks on my face. 

Before Applying The Foundation:

This is the close up look of my face without any makeup with just moisturizer on my face as my skin gets dry without it. I have acne marks too on my face.

After Applying The Foundation:

You can see the picture after I put on the Maybelline Superstay Better skin foundation. I had to use 3 drops of foundation go cover my acne marks, if you don't have acne marks, I guess 2 drops will be enough for full coverage. 

Things I liked:

1. Lightweight-Feels super light on skin. Seriously, I couldn't feel anything on my face after applying this foundation. Its so light.
2. Smooth- I used my fingers to apply this on my face and I can feel that it glides so smoothly on my face. No effort. 
3. Coverage- It gives good coverage but for acne marks like mine, I think I need to use a concealer underneath it.
4. Comes with SPF 15

Cons: As I mentioned above that the foundation color was lighter than my skin tone, it looks different than my skin tone. But I loved it so much, I would definitely buy it in my skin color and use it. 

I still love this foundation because the way it makes me feel, confident and beautiful. 

Thanks for reading..

Disclaimer : "I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes."

Monday, June 8, 2015

Healthy Essentials: My favorite community

A mother can understand the language of her child before even he starts speaking, just by child's tone. That much understanding and compassion a mother has. The motherhood brings experience and knowledge of so many unknown things that a women never encountered before. I can say that with my own experience. I have learnt so many things till now and I bet there are many more to learn in this journey of motherhood. I love being part of this journey.
But many times, a mother do feel clueless or look desperately for answers of any questions she has, or need any creative ideas or just a few words of appreciation. 
I found my answers in Healthy Essentials community. This is a community started by Johnson & Johnson family of companies. This free service provides real-time insights personalized for you- to help you care of yourself and your family.

How they do it?? It has tips & tools for everyone. Great ideas Like, Beauty tips for mom on the Go, Meals ideas, recipes, Gift ideas for Dad and savings that make it easier to manage everyday and the unexpected. 

Summer time is perfect for outdoor activities with family. I was planning a beach vacation with my child and husband but was really skeptical because we never took a beach vacation with her before. I want to make sure I pack everything to make sure she is safe in the sun and water. I turned to Healthy Essentials for how to protect the baby in sun ideas and what essentials I need to pack. The article on protection of child from sun really made me understand what I would need there.

I made a separate kit for my child's essentials in sun. I kept following products in it:

1. JOHNSON'S hand & face wipes - To clean her face and wipe the dirty hands when she will play in the sand

2. AVEENO Baby Natural Protection Lotion sunscreen with Broad spectrum SPF 50- To apply on her body which will keep her safe from harmful UVA and UVB sun rays. I printed the coupon for Aveeno from Healthy Essentials and used to buy this sunscreen. 

3. AVEENO Baby Natural Protection Face stick Broad spectrum SPF 50-  To protect her face from harmful sun rays. 

4. AVEENO Baby Wash & Shampoo

5. A pair of sunglasses

6. A hat and swimsuit

So, that's how, Healthy Essentials became my favorite community to turn to for ideas, savings and support.

If you are interested  in savings, printable coupons, products and much more great ideas, Join the Healthy Essentials Family for free. I bet you will like it, like I do.

Have you checked out Healthy Essentials yet? Did you like it. Let me knowin comments, your opinion.

Thanks for reading..

Disclosure: I have written this blog post for taking part in contest as a part of Healthy Essentials Virtual VoxBox from Influenster.  I WAS NOT COMPENSATED FOR THIS POST; HOWEVER, I AM CREATING THIS POST AS PART OF A CONTEST .

Friday, March 20, 2015

Review: Influenster XO VOXBOX #XOVoxBox

 Its been a while since I posted on the blog, life is kind of busy nowadays. But now, I am back with my new post. Last month, Influenster sent me a voxbox just in time for Valentine's day. This box is called as XO VoxBox because it arrived in February which is also known as "The month of love"

This is how my XO Voxbox looked like, filled with wonderful products.

  1. Adore Me
  2. Land's End
  3. eBay
  4. Skinfix hand repair cream
  5. John Frieda Frizz Ease Collection
  6. Colgate Optic White Toothbrush + Built-in Whitening Pen
  7. Colgate Optic White Express White 3 oz. Toothpaste 
  8. Tide Pods with Febreze

1. Adore Me - 

Influenster has sent me a code to get free lingerie set from Adore me site. I have learnt about Adore Me after getting this box. They have beautiful and affordable pieces of lingerie. With free shipping in U.S along with free shipping and returns, you can get latest styles directly to your home. With the options of subscribing to monthly VIP membership or Pay as you go payment , it offers flexibility to its customers. Get $25 off your next bra set when you sign up through this Link  .

2. eBay Writing Guides: 

I received the eBay writing guides task on my Influenster dashboard. I love writing eBay guides because It is really helpful for the consumers who are looking to buy products on Moreover, it gives me a chance to score $25 gift card to for writing eBay guides.

3. Land's End: 

I got an offer code to use on Land's End in my email from Influenster. I couldn't decide what I really want to order on the site as there are so many tempting and stylish apparel available on Land's End. They have good quality, latest styles, affordable priced merchandise. I think I am going to order something from their spring collection, they have beautiful and colorful pieces of clothes. Moreover, there is free shipping on $50 orders. 

4. Skinfix Hand Repair cream:

I got to know about many brands through Influenster, Skinfix is one among so many brands. Skinfix hand repair cream is savior for my dry hands. I like to do the dishes with hand in hot water, which has made my hands drier. Really excited to get Skinfix hand repair cream in XO voxbox. It consists of natural ingredients, fragrance free, steroid free and provides lasting protection. 

5. John Frieda Frizz Ease Collection:

I received John Frieda Frizz ease collection in the voxbox. My hairs gets very frizzy sometimes, so, this will come handy to me. It came with three samples.
John Frieda® Frizz Ease® Beyond Smooth™ Frizz-Immunity Shampoo- It provides Frizz resistance in the shower and fights frizz at the source for smooth hair.
John Frieda® Frizz Ease® Beyond Smooth™ Frizz-Immunity Primer-It acts as perfect foundation for frizz free styles. It is made up of non-silicone formula.
John Frieda® Frizz Ease® Beyond Smooth™ Frizz-Immunity Conditioner- For long lasting, frizz free and smooth hairs. 
My hairs get Frizzy at times, so this collection would really help in getting smooth hairstyle. I am saying Bye-Bye to Frizzy Hairs.

6. Colgate Optic White: 

A beautiful smile is an asset to attractive personality. Everyone loves a brilliant smile. I love to get whiter and brighter smile but don't want to shell my money for costly treatments/products. I am really glad Colgate optic white gives me an option to get whiter smile in two steps.
Colgate Optic White Toothbrush + Built-in Whitening PenI am really glad Colgate optic white gives me an option to get whiter smile in two steps. Now, can do whitening at home in easy steps. Brush, whiten and ready to Go. The whitening pen is easy to store as it fits at the bottom of Colgate optic white toothbrush.
Colgate Optic White Express White Toothpaste- This toothpaste helps in whiten teeth in 3 days when used as directed. It comes in Fresh mint flavor. Moreover, it is enamel safe. I would love to use it with the toothbrush+whitening pen. 

7. Tide Pods with Febreze

I have used Tide Pods before and love them. They are easy to use and cleans nicely. So, when I received Tide pods with Febreze in my XO Voxbox, I was really excited to see them. There was 10 Oz pack of Tide pods with Febreze. Tide pods with Febreze is such an amazing combination. A laundry that looks fresh and smells amazing like fresh flowers is every person who does laundry. It is 4-in-1: Detergent, stain remover, brightener + Febreze for lasting freshness. I use 1 pod at one time with laundry and get fresh and clean laundry. Loved using them. 

I loved all the products that I received in my XO voxbox. Influenster has really did good job in putting  all the wonderful products in this voxbox. 

Have you got in this voxbox too? What was your favorite products from XO Voxbox? Let me know your thoughts on XO Voxbox and my review. 

Thanks for reading..

Disclaimer : "I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes."