Monday, August 8, 2016

Review: Hooded baby Towel and Rubber Ducky Bath set

I have received Hooded baby towel and rubber ducky through Tomoson community at a deep discount to review. The towel and ducky came together as a part of the package.

The towel was big and perfect for my daughter. 
It is sized 32"X36", good for wrapping around babies as well as toddlers. You can see in the picture, the size of towel is pretty good

When I touched the towel, I could feel, how soft and fluffier it is. That's the kind of towel, I want for my daughter. It is made of 100% cotton, will not cause irritation, thus gentle on baby's skin. I prefer cotton clothes for my daughter, so, this is great.

It had a duck hood which looks so cute and adorable. The size of hood is neither too big nor too small. Good for covering the head of child. The duck design can be used for boys as well as girls.

This is how, it fits my daughter, she felt so comfy and cozy in it :)

Along with the towel, the bonus is squeaky rubber ducky. Who doesn't loves rubber ducky? Every kid loves it. This rubber ducky is made of safe and recyclable material. Those squeaks makes it oh , so adorable!!

You can buy this product on Amazon HERE 
I loved this product. 

Disclaimer: I have received this product from Snugglemuffin via Tomoson at a deep discount to leave an honest and unbiased review. All opinions are honest and my own.