Monday, June 8, 2015

Healthy Essentials: My favorite community

A mother can understand the language of her child before even he starts speaking, just by child's tone. That much understanding and compassion a mother has. The motherhood brings experience and knowledge of so many unknown things that a women never encountered before. I can say that with my own experience. I have learnt so many things till now and I bet there are many more to learn in this journey of motherhood. I love being part of this journey.
But many times, a mother do feel clueless or look desperately for answers of any questions she has, or need any creative ideas or just a few words of appreciation. 
I found my answers in Healthy Essentials community. This is a community started by Johnson & Johnson family of companies. This free service provides real-time insights personalized for you- to help you care of yourself and your family.

How they do it?? It has tips & tools for everyone. Great ideas Like, Beauty tips for mom on the Go, Meals ideas, recipes, Gift ideas for Dad and savings that make it easier to manage everyday and the unexpected. 

Summer time is perfect for outdoor activities with family. I was planning a beach vacation with my child and husband but was really skeptical because we never took a beach vacation with her before. I want to make sure I pack everything to make sure she is safe in the sun and water. I turned to Healthy Essentials for how to protect the baby in sun ideas and what essentials I need to pack. The article on protection of child from sun really made me understand what I would need there.

I made a separate kit for my child's essentials in sun. I kept following products in it:

1. JOHNSON'S hand & face wipes - To clean her face and wipe the dirty hands when she will play in the sand

2. AVEENO Baby Natural Protection Lotion sunscreen with Broad spectrum SPF 50- To apply on her body which will keep her safe from harmful UVA and UVB sun rays. I printed the coupon for Aveeno from Healthy Essentials and used to buy this sunscreen. 

3. AVEENO Baby Natural Protection Face stick Broad spectrum SPF 50-  To protect her face from harmful sun rays. 

4. AVEENO Baby Wash & Shampoo

5. A pair of sunglasses

6. A hat and swimsuit

So, that's how, Healthy Essentials became my favorite community to turn to for ideas, savings and support.

If you are interested  in savings, printable coupons, products and much more great ideas, Join the Healthy Essentials Family for free. I bet you will like it, like I do.

Have you checked out Healthy Essentials yet? Did you like it. Let me knowin comments, your opinion.

Thanks for reading..

Disclosure: I have written this blog post for taking part in contest as a part of Healthy Essentials Virtual VoxBox from Influenster.  I WAS NOT COMPENSATED FOR THIS POST; HOWEVER, I AM CREATING THIS POST AS PART OF A CONTEST .